2017-2021 (Benin) Sustainable access to drinking water, sanitation and hygiene

Join For Water continues to work with the municipalities in order to get better public water services. Each municipality is supported according to its priorities. For hygiene en sanitation and improved hygiene habits Join For Water and its partners aim at families and schools.


De ATPC-methode (Assainissement Total Piloté par la Communauté) zorgt er voor dat mensen stilstaan bij hun onhygiënische gewoonten en motiveert gemeenschappen om zélf toiletten te bouwen. © Protos
  1. All parties involved received sufficient education and they coordinate their interventions to get a sustainable service.  
  2. Municipal authorities and population are aware of the risks of unhygienic habits and change their habits.
  3. Municipal authorities and population get organised to manage the water resources according to IWRM principles.
  4. Results and lessons learned are collected and disseminated and are used for advocacy and sensitization.

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Grupo meta
  • Drinking water supply: 18.500 people
  • Drinking water management: 721.000 people
  • CLTS to end open air defecation:  80.000 people
  • Latrines: 3.600 pupils
  • HAMS-sensitization in schools: 20.000 pupils
  • IWRM: 10.000 people
Financiamiento / presupuesto / período


  • DGD
  • Via Water NL via A4A
  • Flemish administration and IMDC throughVPWvO
  • Ghent Dredging
  • Nature Solutions
  • Private donations


  • 2017-2021


Actividades & resultados

1. Sustainable service

  • improved follow up and flow of information (database, analysis,...)
  • improved planning
  • framework for exploitation and maintenance (education for technicians,...)
  • management plan for each drinking water point (to ensure quality) 
  • working towards transparency and dialogue between all parties involved
  • construction of new drinking water points, or rehabilitation of existing ones

2. Behavioral change

  • CLTS: Community led total sanitation, the whole community is involved in working towards better hygiene
  • establishment of CLTS-committees 
  • establishment of HAMS clubs at school: working towards better hygiene in school and at home
  • establishment sani-marché (sanitation market): information and construction materials for latrines
  • waste collection in market places

3. Integrated water resources management 

  • surveys of river basins: risks, threats, preventive measures, management,...  
  • management of smaller river basins (fight against deforestation and erosion, measures against floods and pollution,...)

4. Results and lessons learned 

  • exchange on CLTS experiences between municipalities 
  • give a voice to water user associations 
  • engage different media for sensitization and advocacy 
  • sensitization activities on World Water Day, World Handwashing Day...
  • PNE - Partenariat Nationale de l’Eau au Bénin
  • The municipalities of  Dogbo, Athiémé, Lokossa, Bopa, Lalo and Toviklin.

Would you like to support this program? Please contact: harald [dot] vanderhoek [at] joinforwater [dot] ngo