Coalitions & partnerships

Protos is working on a long-term partnership with its partners in the South and the North.

Collaboration in Madagascar © Protos

In the South the projects are set up and implemented in collaboration with local authorities, users’ organisations, farmers’ organisations, and local NGO’s. Thanks to the (in most cases) jointly taken responsibility, there is a growing trust between civil organisations and local authorities. Moreover, through their many years of cooperation both the partners and Protos strengthen their expertise and position.

European NGO’s and scientific institutions with a strong expertise in other fields help Protos to broaden its dedication to water to an integral approach.
In addition, a number of strategic partners are actively involved in refining the Protos policy.

The structural links with Belgium’s (public) (drinking-)water companies is important thanks to the financial solidarity and the sharing of technical expertise and know-how of these companies, and through collaborative communication we broaden the support for development. A number of private companies, too, voluntarily place their knowledge and financial contribution at our disposal.

Furthermore Protos is actively involved in a small number of consultative structures in Belgium and abroad such as 11.11.11, ngo-federatie, CNCD, The Flemish Partnership Water for Development, Coalition 2015 - Time is running, the International Secretary of Water, Ondernemers voor Ondernemers, Ex-Change, Kauri, Rés’Eau and the UNDP-platform Global Water Solidarity.

These partnerships allow Protos:

  • To improve the contents of its own activities through exchange of experiences and expertise.
  • To increase the impact of actions in the South and in the North through a better cooperation and joint policy influencing at the local, national and international level.

Stad Gent: Gonz en STANZ

Protos is lid van GONZ en STANZ, GO NZ! is het Gents Overleg Noord-Zuid en verenigt het merendeel van de verenigingen en initiatieven actief op het gebied van noord-zuidsamenwerking in Gent. GO NZ! vormt een pluralistische en representatieve, maar informele koepel. STANZ is de Stedelijke Adviesraad Noord-Zuidsamenwerking. De STANZ heeft tot doel het stedelijk beleid te adviseren op vlak van ontwikkelingssamenwerking, internationale solidariteit, noord-zuidsamenwerking en duurzame ontwikkeling.

Coalitie 2015 - De Tijd Loopt

Vlaams Partnerschap Water voor Ontwikkeling

Ondernemers voor Ondernemers

The Shift

The Shift is the Belgian network for sustainability. The organisation wants to realise the transition to a more sustainable society and economy together with their members and partners. Their method: Connect. Commit. Change.

Provincie Oost-Vlaanderen






Global Water Solidarity