Annual reports

Since 2012, Protos publishes its annual report also in English. The annual report consists of 3 parts:

  • an activity report
  • a financial report
  • a social and environmental report according to the GRI directives
Annual report 2016

2016: Annual report

"Thanks to the tools developed by Protos, we can more accurately keep track of everything: inventory, repair costs, calculation of loss on the waterpipes … Every week I make an overview for the treasurer." Sékou Broulaye Keïta from Mali

Annual report 2015

2015: Annual report

More than 106.000 people gained access in 2015 to drinking water after the interventions of Protos and its partners.

2014: Annual report

“Thanks to the redevelopment of the valley, we now have water for irrigation throughout the year. We also learned how to use the water efficiently and how to maintain the irrigation canals.” Pascaline from Burundi

2013: Annual report

“Fetching water from the river shallows was hard work and we were astonished to see the water could be diverted to the town. Water is the source of life, the source of progress.”.” Marie-Rose from DR Congo